Best of Belts

Free, is inside the hart

Ervaar de unieke step bij de betere golfshops, zie onze verkooppunten.



Main technical parameters

1. Overall dimensions: 1756×700×1200mm
2. Seat height: 700mm
3. Complete vehicle weight: ≤40Kg
4. Tyre specification: 18×9.5-8
5. Maximum load capacity: 100Kg
6. Designed maximum speed: ≤20Km/h
7. Driving mileage: 40~60Km
8. Brake performance (20KM/H speed): Dry state: ≤1m; wet state: ≤3m

Battery & Motor

1. Battery type: Power lithium battery 2. Capacity: 20Ah. Nominal voltage: 60V

1. Motor model: Brushless DC hub motor 2,
Rated power: 800W

Controller & Charger

1. Current limiting protection value: ≤25±1A 2. Undervoltage protection value: 52±0.5V

1. Input voltage (AC): AC140~240V 50/60Hz 2. Output voltage (DC):71.4±0.4V 3. Charging time (depending on the residual electricity): 6~8h

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